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Shadowdivination is a company devoted to exploring your past, present and future through divination with experienced and talented psychics. Our lead psychic Bonnie Milner is also the founder or the Shadowdivination company and concept. She has Twenty years of experience with Direct Psychic reading, Spirit communication, Crystal healing, Tarot, Past life exploration and Psychic therapy.
We are happy to be divining shadows for you!
hours of operation are 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday,
Our services...

 Psychic Readings:
Full one hour one on one personal and confidential  reading with an experienced psychic. Includes all divination types needed ( reading of objects, Tarot, Crystals, direct psychic reading) We use what ever tools we need to get the answers you require.  $45 per half hour. In office, via phone or Skype
Crystal energy therapy:
Adjust your energy to boost immunity, enhance energy and balance you life. Removal of negative influences. Also we can enhance your attractiveness for all positive life connections to promote better relationships in all aspects of your life, Love, friends, and business. $45 per session

Spirit readings:
Have a spirit reading, and discover if you have any secret guides to your daily life. Are there any negative and positive spirits influencing your decisions and actions? Have you been experiencing unusual phenomenon in your home? Is there a loved one who has passed on that you sometimes sense is still near? We can help you to find the answers to these questions and more in a Spirit/ psychic reading.
$45 per 1/2 hour
A one on one in depth, look into your subconscious and psychic mind through your dreams. $45 per 30 mins
Party or event Hosting:
Crystal Ball Party:
An experienced and friendly psychic attends your event and gives a open discussion about psychics and other paranormal phenomenon. Then we play a game of pass the crystal ball. Each person, when it is their time with the Crystal Ball can ask a question to be answered with direct psychic reading or get a short card reading.  The ball can go around the group as many times as booking time allows for.( 1 to 2 hours depending on number of guests) All guests receive a gift certificate towards a future reading and the party guest of honor receives a gift. $35 per person with any 10 person or more booking.
Standard party plan:
An experienced, reliable and friendly psychic attends your party, event or meeting. All guests receive a private reading and a gift. A question and answer period about psychic phenomenon is given to the group.
$150 per hour minimum 2 hour booking
Group readings:
Psychic reading at your home or in office for 3 to 5 people.  $175 in Office and $225 to come to you 6 to 9 people, $225 In office and $275 to come out to you.
Festival or large gathering bookings:
We come and set up a table and offer information about our services and answer questions about psychics and other paranormal interests. We offer a past present and future reading as well as answer questions with clairvoyance.
$150 per hour or $25 per guest per reading minimum 100 people.
Psychic counseling :
This is a one on one session for an in depth look at your life path. We work together and i help guide you with psychic intuition, life discussion and proactive solutions to help you better manage your life path. Great to help deal with crisis and stress recovery and solutions.
 $45 per 1/2 hour session.
Call for an appointment and start enhancing your life with Crystals today!
Grief Therapy readings:
The worst has happened and you have lost a loved one. Come see Bonnie for a one on one Spirit/psychic therapy session and get the answers and guidance you need to move forward .
$45 per half hour

"Telephone readings"
We can provide telephone psychic reading by appointment only. $45 per 30 min
same day bookings are $80 per 30 min ( same day bookings or late night bookings will cost $45 per 15 min)

Animal psychic Communication:
A one hour session with your pet. We communicate telepathically with your pet and ask questions about health, happiness and well being. $50 per 1/2 hour in office and $125 per hour to come to you
Using a pendulum to find lost items or individuals. $45 per half hour
Numerology charts:
A full and illuminating numerology reading. $50 for a chart done by email
and $65 per half hour to have psychic reading as well as numerology chart.
All our services are  personal and confidential we provide a completely private psychic service.

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If you want to see what a reading is like check this out!
Here is short video of the opening to a Psychic reading  session with Bonnie Milner please click on the picture below to start the clip.

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